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Money gives us permission to do things that we probably shouldn’t.

I tried to imagine what it would take to make over seven billion iphones and ipads (I own both), and it gave me pause. These devices seem innocent enough. But are they innocent only because not every-one owns one?

I don’t know. These are the things that one thinks of when one is in bed and cannot sleep. We are now a fearsome number of people on this planet. Our actions have consequences. Whether we drink milk, dig out the Congo to make screens, make the planet heavier by bringing back asteroid minerals… our constant expansion, our endless needs, are reaching hard limits.

This is not a profound thought. But it’s one that it is necessary for us to contemplate collectively.

Simply wishing to believe otherwise will not change the facts.


I can’t be what you want me to be.

I’m just me.

The problem with condemning all cultural appropriation.

I get it. I do. No-one who hasn´t lived a particular life can fully understand it, which means that their description of it will always be off.

I´m Irish. I´ve lived with often bizarre depictions of Irishness and Ireland from Hollywood and Britain all my life. Sometimes they make my teeth grind. It made me hyperaware of the way other cultures were depicted. I didn´t enjoy “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom” because it felt condescending to Indians. Westerns gave rise to questions. I´d seen images of my own people depicted as ape-like.

But I also grew up exposed to a lot of bullshit Irishness written by Irish people. It became part of my identity. A particular view of history, a culture that was supposedly more authentic than the other more modern, mostly foreign ones. Music that I was supposed to prefer, a langauge that I felt ashamed of not knowing, despite it´s almost total lack of utility. Stories with lessons unhelpful in the world that I found myself in. Anglophobia, side by side with deep immersion in British culture and media.

It´s left me very wary of the concept of authentic voices. Just because a voice comes from with-in a culture does not necessarily mean that it speaks truly of, or for, it.

And sometimes, it´s not possible to speak the truth about a culture from with-in. Do I need to list the places where one cannot speak freely about the past?

An outside perspective can be instructive, at times. Ideas need challenging. Assumptions should be questioned. But we don´t always see them from the inside of a way of thinking. They just float there, until somebody points them out. Sacred.

Do I own Irish mythology more that any-one else in the world? Hallowe´en? Saint Patrick´s Day?

If I write a story based on an old Chinese story, is it less authentic for me not being Chinese?

It´s going to be different, because I´m not rooted in Chinese culture. It may make some-one´s teeth grind.

But as long as I´m not using it to belittle them…

…so what?

The Crooked God Machine…

…is a book by Autumn Christian. It’s been a long time since I read prose that genuinely excited me. This most excellent. Think science fiction “The Catcher in the Rye.” It has that extraordinary quality where you’re not quite sure what’s going on, but you have a good idea where it’s headed, and you care anyway.

It’s also told reasonably economically, with no red herrings… everything ultimately building to a very satisfying whole.

On Amazon.

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Quantum civilizations.

Relocating a consciousness; it’s tricky.

What we’re interested in is the relationship between the particles, rather than the composition particles; the pattern rather than the material. But the relationship is affected by the composition; differing matters interact differently, and are affected by outside forces to differing degrees.

However, I remain convinced that it is a matter of experimentation, and though medium is relevant, and will affect the functioning of a consciousness, this is not necessarily a negative factor; that we can bring about a state where matter other than flesh can be trained to interact with each other in the manner of neurons, perhaps in a more durable, reliable, less exhaustible, and potentially infinitesimally more compact manner. Perhaps, in this medium, consciousnesses will be able to interact directly.

Perhaps we can replicate the function of our neurons on elements that exist on the quantum level, and live and think with-in particles than are insensitive to the storms and qualms of the greater physical plain. Thought outside of physicality and time. This is, of course, pure speculation.

What then? Who knows. Scale changes not just in terms of time and space. Senses as we know them perhaps become history, which, in turn, completely alters what we are.

Perhaps we will meet other civilizations in the time of the great contraction, when matter and energy once again meet in the centre; perhaps this has already happened countless times, and somewhere in the universe great civilizations exist together in a space smaller than the distance between these words and your mind. Perhaps the universe is filled with consciousnesses.

What would such minds contemplate? Would this be a barren realm, filled with machines deprived of any function, destined to atrophy? Or a new space where we can create and explore new vistas?

The newest part of Japan.

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Kyoto hoooooo!

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Amblings in Tokyo.

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The oddness…

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